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Our Expertise

In a world with an expanding range of herbal remedies, Headspace International offers the technology to precisely formulate useful nutraceuticals from a wide range of organic compounds. 

Headspace International offers consulting services to elevate the quality and purity of your purified organic products.


Our proprietary techniques can be applied to virtually any local plant to purify and isolate its beneficial components.


Our proprietary processes include:


-High volume, room temperature, very low pressure essential oil extraction.


-Removal of problematic, nonessential plant lipids.


-Distillation of extracted essential oils into their constituent components.


-Isolation of ultra pure compounds.






We here at Headspace International™ beleive that a comprehensive training program is essential to the success of any enterprise. We offer top quality service and training on all of our equipment. ​


Headspace International's comprehensive training program will allow you to take your business to the next level. Streamlining your current process and making you a dominating force in your market.

We are the trusted source of high quality extraction and purification equipment. Our equipment can be used for a wide variety of applications. Our unique process is able to render plant oils so pure that they are transparent. 


We utilize our proprietary techniques and equipment to manufacture flavored, tobacco free nicotine infused, and nicotine free liquids for use in electronic cigarettes as smoking cessation aids.  We offer this liquid for sale in bulk as well as in electronic cigarettes (vapor pens) branded "Headspace International™" or OEM

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